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Finally Revealed: The Hot New Facebook Funnel That Made Caleb Over $1.15 Million THIS YEAR
How Caleb Gets 12X+ Return On Ad Spend Without Video Sales Letters, Product Launches, Challenges, Tripwire Sales Funnels, Or Selling Over The Phone

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Honestly, This may be the hottest new lifestyle business on the Internet right now.

Here's why...

  1. This new sales funnel is fast and easy to launch and grow.
  2. You don’t need savvy copywriting, tech, or media buying skills to succeed.
  3. The earning potential is awesome… John & Caleb have students making six figures per month.
  4. No employees needed… you can succeed with this sales funnel all on your own, as a solo entrepreneur.
  5. The success rate is high. The guys taught this funnel to 21 clients. Eighteen of them made a significant profit on their first attempt.
  6. It’s a virtual business you can run from anywhere in the world that has Internet access.
  7. This sales funnel is great at selling continuity offers, which can give you recurring monthly income.
  8. This sales funnel is a 10-hour work week (15 hours if you’re an over-achiever).
  9. This sales funnel is proven effective (and insanely profitable) by both beginner and expert marketers alike.
  10. This sales funnel builds red-hot email lists that earn big profits!

In Workshop, you'll learn...

- The new Facebook sales funnel that made millions for Caleb and John, plus their clients.

- How they’re getting 10x to 48x return on ad spend (note: profits this high are simply unheard of).

- Why this funnel is easier to succeed with than webinars, sales funnels, and video sales letters.

- How coaches, consultants, information marketers, webinar marketers, and service providers can profit hugely from this new sales funnel.

- How a beginner made $170,000 in 12 days from just 484 leads.

- Why Jon Benson, inventor of the video sales letter said, “it’s the most profitable funnel I ever tested.”

- And much more.

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