Finally Revealed: The Hot New Facebook Funnel That Made Caleb Over $1.15 Million THIS YEAR

How Caleb Gets 12X+ Return On Ad Spend Without Video Sales Letters, Product Launches, Challenges, Tripwire Sales Funnels, Or Selling Over The Phone

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In this exclusive workshop you’ll discover:

-- The new Facebook sales funnel that made millions for Caleb and John, plus their clients.

-- How they’re getting 10x to 48x return on ad spend (note: profits this high are simply unheard of).

-- Why this funnel is easier to succeed with than webinars, sales funnels, and video sales letters.

-- How coaches, consultants, information marketers, webinar marketers, and service providers can profit hugely from this new sales funnel.

-- How a beginner made $170,000 in 12 days from just 484 leads.

-- Why Jon Benson, inventor of the video sales letter said, “it’s the most profitable funnel I ever tested.”

-- Plus lots more!

-- Register now and make sure to set an alarm in your phone, as space is limited due to bandwidth.

I can’t wait to bring this live presentation to you.